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Steve and Ardis Joraanstad grew up in Crosby, the small North Dakota town with a big heart. After owning a clothing store and deciding they needed to do something different, the Joraanstads started the travel company known today as Travel World of Crosby. “We decided to go through with the company in about 20 minutes,” said Steve Joraanstad. “It really took off from the start. We became a top travel agency within months.” Since their start in 1990 Travel World of Crosby has not only been known for their escorted group cruises, but their escorted student groups as well.

In 2007 Allen Seigler assumed the role of Executive Director of Georgia HOSA. Amongst all the chaos that came with taking over as Executive Director of Georgia HOSA, the first task was to contact the “travel guy, Steve” for the upcoming National Leadership Conference. From that very first phone call a friendship started to develop between Allen and Steve, in which Travel World of Crosby facilitated the yearly travel package for hundreds of students every summer. “Previously without using the Travel World, teachers would be booking flights for students to go to the national conference,” Allen explained. “And when teachers booked the flights they’d have to use their credit cards, and hopefully get reimbursed right away. Maybe a kid would back out and not go, the teacher would be stuck with that. We partnered with Steve and Ardis 12 years ago, because they handled everything. Teachers wouldn’t have to worry about anything at all. They handled everything for 315 kids, airfare, tour packages, tickets. It was a huge relief for the teachers. We were so impressed, and that’s how we became great friends. “

Following 10 years of service as the Executive Director of Georgia HOSA, Allen, much like Steve and Ardis in the early 90’s, decided it was time for a change. As he began spending more time growing his own business, Steve and Ardis got wind of Allen’s availability and decided together they could make a great partnership. Allen and his wife Whitney are honored to be partnering with Steve and Ardis as of January 1st, 2018. “It’s a huge honor that they would offer to share something they’ve worked on so hard,” Whitney said. “We’re really lucky and blessed that they trust us to keep this legacy going with them. We’re learning from the best!”

With this new partnership, whether it be through one of our escorted cruises to Hawaii, Alaska, or the British Isles or be it through the student groups, clients will have an even better experience having not only 2 but 4 escorts in their travels. The Seigler’s are excited to learn from Steve and Ardis and get to better understand the small town service that Travel World of Crosby is so well known for. Allen and Whitney will be working alongside Steve and Ardis from their hometown of Watkinsville, Georgia. Not quite as small and sweet as Crosby, but a close second!

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  • Travel World was awesome! My Mom lives in North Dakota but I am all the way in South Carolina. All of the wonderful and accommodating staff at Travel World were able to plan a whole separate flight plan for me so I could meet up with everyone in New York! I received a detailed itinerary and flight plan weeks before our trip so I knew exactly what I needed to do and where I was supposed to be. Minutes after arriving at the airport they called me and let me know where they were and what would be happening. They made not only the day at the Airport but the entire trip completely STRESS FREE! I wouldn't hesitate to travel with them again. Thanks for the unforgettable trip!
    Brittney Jenkins