Travel World of Crosby Misses Our Customers


Travel World of Crosby Misses Our Customers

You might recall our blog post “A $60,000 Loss and Thankful” where one of the key elements of that post is our love for community. We feel that we were created for community and that reflects in our decision to focus on escorted tours and custom group cruise vacations. Whether you are joining us for an escorted tour or we have planned your own group’s custom cruise vacation, Travel World of Crosby misses our customers!

We love traveling with customers on our escorted tours because it allows us to take care of every little detail. This starts in the planning phase where instead of you spending 8 hours researching a perfect trip, ending up no further along than when you started, you sign up for our perfectly planned trip. We then get to ship all of your documents to you and greet you upon your arrival in the airport. With our group activities (and scheduled down time for some sightseeing of your own) you get to meet new friends and see the most popular (and some hidden gems) of the destination.  The sense of community you feel joining alongside new and existing friends is great.  The feeling we experience in watching it all happen is nothing less than amazing and fulfilling.

For those customers who have a group of their own, we love planning custom group cruise vacations. Finding the time to plan your group cruise vacation can be more stressful than you expected. Instead, take advantage of our knowledge, experience, and technology to take the workload off your shoulders. It all starts with a conversation with the group leader. We gather all the details and get exclusive group rates, always guaranteeing you the best rate. We handle communicating all of the details to each person in the group, making all of the group bookings and send all final documents to everyone. Wow, that sounds easy! The best part is seeing pictures while you are on your trip as we live vicariously through your travels.

At our heart, we are a customer service company that just so happens to also arrange memorable escorted group experiences and custom cruise vacations. We do this through planning both escorted tours and custom cruise vacation for families, groups, and individuals. Since our start in 1990, we have built our name and reputation on the care we give and the quality we organize for our customers.

We are excited to see more and more people following the guidelines of the CDC so that we can get past this sooner. Travel World of Crosby misses our customers and we can’t wait to see you again!