Planning a wedding is obviously overwhelming, especially for someone like me who focuses on the details so intensely. With my to-do list piling up, I was worried about how I would find the time to plan my honeymoon, let alone plan it well. That’s when I found Travel World of Crosby and my prayers were answered!

I’ve always dreamed of the perfect honeymoon — somewhere sunny with beaches  as far as you can see, endless food and drinks, and relaxation like I’d never experienced before. But, as my fiance and I sat down to begin planning the trip on our own, I soon realized how unprepared and unqualified we were to organize something this important. It’s more complicated than a quick Google search if you want the best of the best, and if you keep a busy schedule it can be hard to find the time needed to do it properly. We searched for a while and found a few  candidates, but none of them really stood out to me. Plus, we had a budget that I needed to stay under and felt like I would never get my dream honeymoon with what we had. Travel World of Crosby quickly stepped up and took care of everything for us.

They were a blessing from the start. After I reached out to Allen about helping us plan the honeymoon, he replied instantly with a few quick questions, such as where I wanted to go, what my budget was, etc. He immediately began searching for dream vacation! Within 24 hours, I had a list of 4 options waiting for me in my inbox. Being the overthinker I am, I began researching all of the options he sent us and making a list of all the questions I could think of regarding every aspect of this trip (and trust me there were A LOT). My fiance and I called Allen soon after this and began to make our way through my long list of questions. I was afraid that Allen might become irritated, but he gracefully answered each one with great interest. He never made me feel like my questions were invalid.Through this phone call, we quickly realized that there were options suited for us, and we were able to narrow down our ideas.

By the end of that night, I received another email from Allen containing two more options for trips! I talked with my fiance and we chose the option that we felt was best for us. I emailed Allen the next day to let him know of our decision and by the end of that day, he had taken care of everything! All I had to do was provide payment, and Travel World of Crosby booked everything — flights, resort stay, excursions, transportation and more. Things I hadn’t even thought of, Travel World of Crosby had already taken care of.

I am recommending Travel World of Crosby to anyone and everyone. Not only because their work is unmatched, but because their customer service is like no other. From the moment you talk with Allen and Whitney, you instantly feel like you’re talking with old friends. They are so welcoming and genuinely eager to help others take the trip of a lifetime. Everything that Travel World of Crosby did for us, I could have never done on my own. Allen and Whitney are experts in their field. They are always two steps ahead of you, making sure you are prepared and happy with every decision made. They make the honeymoon planning process easy and fun! I’m so grateful to Travel World of Crosby for helping us plan our honeymoon and create a dream vacation for the both of us!