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Who We Are

We work to glorify God and strive to be good stewards of His business.  At our heart, we are a customer service company that just so happens to also arrange memorable escorted group experiences and custom cruise vacations. We do this through planning both guided group travel and personal vacations for families, groups, and individuals. Since our start in 1990, we have built our name and reputation on the care we give and the quality we organize for our customers.

Our History

Travel World of Crosby began with Steve and Ardis Joraanstad. They grew up in Crosby, the small North Dakota town with a big heart. After owning a clothing store and deciding they needed to do something different, the Joraanstads started the travel company known today as Travel World of Crosby. Since their start in 1990 Travel World of Crosby has not only been known for their escorted group cruises, but their escorted student groups as well. 

Meet Our Team

Today Travel World of Crosby still operates with a heart for travel and service to others! Reach out today and let us connect you with one of our incredible team members excited to serve you.

Travel Advisor: Joy Davis

Travel Advisor: David Torgeson

Operations Director: Brooke Baker

What Others Are Saying

Brittney Jenkins

“They made not only the day at the Airport but the entire trip completely STRESS FREE! I wouldn’t hesitate to travel with them again. Thanks for the unforgettable trip!”

Linda Boyd

“All the details were taken care of and we just enjoyed everything New York in holiday splendor!”

Al Jundt

“The Alaska trip with Travel World of Crosby was the best trip my wife and I have had in 67 years of marriage!”