Muster Station

Welcome to “The Muster Station” for Travel World of Crosby. At the beginning of every cruise you’ll take, you’ll assemble at your assigned “Muster Station’ to receive important information before the cruise begins. Just like onboard, this is your place for important and helpful information to prepare you for the cruise vacation of your dreams!

Benefits of Traveling with a Group

Thoroughly planning a vacation is very complicated, and it’s easy to feel frustrated, overwhelmed and anxious. You have worked hard in order to take your dream trip, but you are uncertain that the vacation you’re planning on your own will be as amazing as you deserve....

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Packing for a 12 Day Trip in Alaska

One of the most frequently asked questions we get from our customers is “How should I pack for such a long trip to a cold place like Alaska?” It’s a great question, so we thought it would be beneficial to share our advice with all of you who might be wondering the...

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